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Being a father is not an easy task and pregnancy is usually a time for future fathers to start thinking about their future fatherhood techniques. However, while mothers-to-be get exposed to tons of advising and giving tips from their own mothers and female relatives, men are commonly left to improvise since the majority of their fathers were not so good in their tasks. In fact, fathers are known to be clumsy with their babies. Nevertheless, through a bit of useful insight, you can be more than a good father to your baby.

Holding and Preventing Crying

Fathers commonly lack the gentle characteristics of mothers, especially when it comes to holding the baby. You need to realize that babies are gentle, vulnerable and soft, requiring extreme care and affection. Thus, always support the head and the neck of your baby properly. The rest is practice and you will get better in time by helping your baby fall asleep, making him/her laugh or playing with him/her. If you are not sure what do to, consult a nurse or a doctor.

As for crying, babies cry for millions of different reasons. Sometimes, the crying may signify the process of getting accustomed to the new world the baby is exposed to. Anyway, you need to identify reasons behind crying and deal with them constructively and effectively. Hunger, sleepiness, dirty diaper and many other scenarios may be behind your baby's cries. If you get stuck, seek advice from health practitioners or your own parents. In some situations, your baby may be crying for no reasons whatsoever. Then, try amusing him/her or playing with him/her.

Other Factors of Being a Good Father

Bathing is a process which is quite troublesome. So, when you bathe your baby for the first couple of times, make sure that someone with experience is supervising the process. Be very gentle, but expect squirming and restlessness, since babies are not great fans of bathing. After bathing, pat the baby's skin with a clean, soft towel until it is completely dry. Then, apply powder or oil before dressing the baby or putting on a new diaper.

Speaking of changing diapers, even though many believe that this process is incredibly hard, it is not true. All you need to do is notice the dirty or soiled diapers on time. Then, remove them and dispose of them, cleaning the baby's genital area thoroughly and using gels or creams to prevent nappy rashes or infections. Finally, all diapers come with instructions. Follow them and put new diapers on like a pro, making sure your baby is comfortable in them.

Finally, do not miss a single second to bond with your baby. Let your instincts fly free and spend as much time with your baby as you can, putting him/her to sleep, playing together and making sure that you are doing everything to help you baby lead a happy, carefree, enjoyable life with the best father in the world.

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