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What To Do When Suffering from a Fever?

Once you start having a fever, you are not able to do anything, due to the fatigue, chill and all the other things that come upon your well-being. Then, all you desire to do is cover yourself in blankets and wait for the fever to disappear. However, did you know that this might be a wrong thing to do? Moreover, could you possibly imagine yourself taking a shower or a bath in such a condition? Well, believe it or not, this can help you fight your fever greatly, regardless of the fact that you think you are unable of withstanding more exposure to anything but warmth. Baths can help you reduce your fever and you should consider them more than a useful option.

The Logic Behind This

Simply enough, once you end up with a fever, your body temperature increases and you start experiencing chills and feeling cold. However, this reaction is due to your body's fight to reduce your temperature. Namely, your organism, at this point, is giving its best in order to expel the extra heat trapped within it. Thus, each time you expose it to more heat, you are making things worse. Rather, you should cool your body down and allow the heat to be taken out of it. Showers are excellent for these purposes and will surely decrease your body temperature. Nevertheless, this might be temporary and hardly sufficient for fighting the underlying cause of the fever completely. You will most surely need to take some other steps and combine it with these showers in order to fight the illness away. Still, these are more than a good start.

Different Types of Baths for FightingFevers

Sponge baths are one of the best ways of lowering one's temperature. It is excellent for babies and people who cannot bathe on their own. All you need to do is fill the bathtub with smaller amounts of lukewarm water and, once immersing the sponge in and squeezing the extra water out of it, rub it onto the skin of the troubled person. This is guaranteed to reduce his or her body temperature and the fever as well.

Alternatively, if you can manage bathing on your own, you might consider indulging into a bathtub full of pleasantly warm water. Go inside and stay in the tub until the water turns cold. Then, you may either refill the tub with warm water or finish your bathing sequence and dry yourself with clean towels. Either way, your temperature will decrease and your fever will likely vanish.

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