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Diaper rash is something nearly all new parents encounter. When you see your poor baby's inflamed bottom, it is easy to panic and wonder what you can do to remedy the diaper rash immediately. Do you need to see a doctor for diaper rash? Or is diaper rash something you can generally treat at home?

Diaper rash can be serious business, but it is not always necessary to see a doctor. If you notice the first signs of diaper rash, like a red bottom, there are things you can do to treat the rash at home. Good remedies for diaper rash include a good diaper cream, which you should rub on your baby's bottom at every diaper change.

Changing your baby's diaper promptly as soon as it is wet or soiled will help prevent and treat diaper rash, and bathing your baby regularly (baths with baking soda treat diaper rash like a dream!) is another important step. In addition, give your baby as much diaper free time as you feel comfortable with, and try to change the kind of diaper you use if you think the diaper may be causing an allergic reaction. Cloth diapers may be a good option, especially if disposable diapers tend to make your baby's bum red and inflamed.

So, when should you see a doctor? If your baby is in pain, the diaper rash has caused your baby's bottom to bleed, or if you see blisters, it is best to take them in. Diaper rash can be caused by a variety of things including soiled or wet diapers, diapers to which your baby has an allergic reaction, foods or formula, or infections like thrush. Some of these need medical care. Also take your baby in to the doctor if you attempted to treat diaper rash at home with no success. Also look at remedies for heat rash in babies.

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