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Breasts are one of the most interesting parts of female anatomy, and objects both of admiration and unhappiness. Most of the women in the United States are actually very pleased with the shape and look of their breasts. However, according to the official statistics from 2008, there were approximately 307.230 breast enlargements in the United States, only during that year. Popular “boob jobs” are the most frequent type of plastic surgery, even above the nose jobs and liposuction. Female breasts can draw either admiring or envious glances. The media images have a very strong impact on women’s self-esteem making them believe the ideal is big and firm breasts with a small pink nipple and areola. In reality, breasts vary a lot depending on the size, color, and shape. Moreover, facts about breasts vary from culture to culture and from time to place.
Breasts Trivia
Breasts vary from woman to woman, but what is even more interesting, their size and shape may even be different on a single woman. In fact, no two breasts are exactly the same size, and scientific evidence suggests that the left breast tends to be bigger than the right one.
A lady from Brazil, known as Sheyla Hershey, holds the Guinness World Record for having the largest breasts on the planet. She had exactly nine surgeries and implanted more than a gallon of silicone to get her famous breasts.
Speaking about the size, it might be interesting to mention that an average breast weighs approximately 0.5 kg. Each breast contributes to approximately 4-5% of the body fat. In young women, breasts are composed of fat, milk glands and connective tissue known as the collagen. As the women gets older, the glands and collagen shrink and become replaced by more fat. This is why breasts in older women appear very loose and shapeless.
Researchers from the Victoria University of Wellington concluded, after an extensive study, that breasts are the first thing men look at on the women’s body. Moreover, they look at women’s breasts longer than other body parts.
Myths about breasts
One of the most common myths about breasts is that woman’s self confidence depends on the size of her breasts. According to the anonymous surveys, this is true only for a small number of women. Another famous myth is that women with bigger breasts are more fertile. However, breast size is completely unrelated to woman’s fertility. Most of the women believe that breastfeeding leads to sagging breasts, but this is just another myth, as well as the associated belief that women with small breasts are unable to breastfeed successfully.

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