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It is an Imperfect World

We live in a society which is far fromperfect. This imperfection stems from the fact that we are constantlylooking for perfection, even though we do not know what it is. Themost strange case of this aspect of human existence is fashion andaesthetics, since, what was once beautiful is not anymore and, in thesame manner, today's beauty will not be the beauty several years in thefuture. Therefore, beauty and aesthetics are all subjective for anepoch and are not real nor constant in any way. Rather, there aremany unfair attitudes which are created in during these differenttimes. Nowadays, more and more people are talking about the advantageof taller people over short people. Even though, logically, we allknow that each height has its own advantages and disadvantages, womenusually claim that the most attractive man has to be tall while menagree that a woman should have legs which are incredibly long,signifying tallness once again. This strange philosophy has evolvedto the extent that, during a job interview, the taller of twocandidates is more likely to get the job, regardless of the equalqualities the two persons may have. Naturally, this is not fair. Yet,as it was mentioned above, we are far from perfect, especially in ourmental development and the perception of the world around us. Thus,you have to cope with it and, if you happen to be shorter thandesirable, you need to compensate for your “drawbacks”. There areexercises which might help you increase your tallness, feeling betterand more socially accepted. Still, never forget that, being a memberof an imperfect society does not make you less worthy than anyoneelse, especially not due to things you had little control over.

Stretches for Growing Taller

There are three of these stretches, allof which can be done at home, with no need for any additionalequipment other than your body. The first one involves you layingdown on the floor, on your stomach, with your hands resting next toyour body, palms down. Then, you are to raise the upper part of yourbody without using hands. Use your chin to trigger the ascending and,once you reach the peak, hold it for about 15 seconds before reachingthe initial position again. Next, after the peak of the previousexercise, you may continue ascending by raising your bottom up,forming an upside down “V” shape, keeping your hands and feet onthe floor, pushing your chin to your chest.

Finally, you might stand on all four,locking your limbs, and, interchangeably, Flexing your spine up whilemoving you head down and vice-versa.

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