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Medicine is starting to understand the health benefits of turmeric herb. Turmeric is a very widely used herb in the alternative medicine field of Ayurveda, devised by ancient Indian herbalists. This plant originates from India. Nevertheless, it is cultivated everywhere around the tropics. This plant is near three feet high and has leaves that are shaped as a spear. Near the base of its stem, there is a fat rhizome. This rhizome is loaded with an antioxidant. This antioxidant is known as curcumin, and it is also the spice that gives the yellow color to the most Indian food.

Brewing Turmeric Tea

To make turmeric tea, boil about four cups of water into a small pot and bring to a boil on the stove. Then add one teaspoon of turmeric and let it boil for about ten more minutes. This will draw out the beneficial compounds from the turmeric. After this, you can add honey or sugar, ginger and lemon in your tea to enhance the flavor. You can drink turmeric tea for two or three times a day. Still, it would be a smart idea to drink this tea moderately. Women in the pregnancy and people with congestive heart disease are recommended not to drink this tea.

Benefits of Turmeric Tea

There are many health benefits of this tea. Some of them are: helping with the coronary problems such as arteriosclerosis. Because it contains antioxidants, this tea can be used to destroy free radicals in your body, and thus, prevent the growth of the cancer cells. Researches have revealed that incorporating turmeric in your diet helps in preventing colon, prostate, lung and breast cancer. Therefore, if turmeric tea is drunk on a regular basis, it will aid in preventing, fighting and even healing cancer. One can use this tea for cleansing the skin on his/her face. Besides it prevents an outbreak of acne, it can be helpful in getting rid of acne scars. Drinking turmeric tea also lowers the cholesterol level in the blood.

It clears the skin from acne, lowers the cholesterol level, calms the nervous stomach and improves bone and joints health. Furthermore, this herb is known for its numerous anti-inflammatory properties. Because of that it can be used in treating conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis and bursitis. It also has many benefits in the field of dental hygiene. It can help in fighting the bad breath and gum infection. In addition, diseases such as gingivitis can be treated with regular turmeric tea intake too. This tea can also help in weight management since it aids in faster weight loss.

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