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It is very interesting how people do not think much of a teaas a sort of supplement that does not only have to be prepared as a delicious drink, butit can also help with some medical problems. There are different types of tea and we might as well say that whatever plant is not poisonous for human, it can beused for creating some tea. Of course, usually leaves and flowers are used forpreparing a tea. Some cultures, Japanese for example, even have entire ritualsand ceremonies regarding the tea making process. When it comes to those medicalbenefits, we can say that green tea is good for weight reduction problems, forexample. Actually, every tea that contains anti oxidants or serves as an appetite suppressant,can be clarified as a supplement that helps with elimination of excessive fattissue.

Tea benefits

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands types of teabrands that can be made, and among those, dozens and dozens of those that canhelp with various medical issues. Tava tea is an excellent example because it is a typeof green tea that contains three mixtures, and each of those helps with somesort of problems. Those benefits are stress relieving, weight reduction,soothing of intestinal problems, headaches, respiratory issues, but some teas can also boost energy, libido, help with conceiving etc. As for jasmine tea, it is madeof jasmine flowers that are added to the tea. The tea can be made from differentbrands, so it is obvious that there are many possible ways of making a jasminetea. For example, restaurants serve jasmine tea made with herbs that aresoothing stomach issues, which is logical, for it helps with food processing inthe stomach.

Caution with use

Even though jasmine green tea health benefits are numerousand they depend on the type of the tea that is also included in the mixture,some caution with tea intake has to be present. Teas do contain some substancesthat affect certain processes in our organism and that might cause problems andside effects from time to time. Usual problems are headaches and nausea, which is why, if someone plans to use some tea for a longer period of time,consultation with a medical expert should take place. If any of the sideeffects do occur, tea intake must be canceled until the source of the problemsis discovered, be it tea or something else.

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