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Gyokuro tea is one of the finest types of Japanese greentea. It is characterized by dark green leaves, sweet flavor and extraordinaryfragrance. It is very beneficial in providing soothing and relaxation while italso boosts the energy very potently and refreshes the person with its powerfulantioxidant properties. It has been grown in the regions of Uiji, Yame andAsahina since the 19th century and it originates from Yabukita,Okumidori, Sae Midori, Asahi and Yamakai tea bushes. Tea producers use veryexpensive processing method but they are all well worth it.

Gyokuro tea has very potent antioxidant properties, itboosts the immune system, makes one feel young and refreshed and helps inlosing weight by burning excess fat. It has many numerous health benefits.Gyokuro tea helps in losing weight and in feeling vigorous and energetic. It isabundant in antioxidants which are beneficial for speeding up the metabolismand burning calories and excess fat much faster. When included into one’s dailydiet it brings a feeling of strength and health. Its leaves are tender and softand they can be consumed in their raw form spiced up by some lemon juice andsoy sauce.

Due to its antioxidant properties, Gyokuro tea is veryefficient in fighting free radicals and reducing the risk of tumors. Itstrengthens the immune system and fights harmful bacteria and cancer. Theshading process provides the Gyokuro tea with theanine and caffeine. Caffeineis a powerful stimulant and enhances the alertness and cognition, stimulatesthe heart, shortens the reaction time and improves one’s concentration. The teacan be an excellent alternative for coffee because it also boosts the energyand relieves the stress.

Gyokuro tea is also very helpful in keeping one’s heartstrong and healthy. This tea is abundant in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins andnutrients so it is very beneficial in reducing the risk of variouscardiovascular diseases, lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in the bloodand regulating the levels of sugar in the blood. Gyukuro tea comes in veryhandy in lowering the blood pressure and protection from numerous dangeroustoxic substances.

Gyokuro tea is very rich in minerals and fluoride and it isvery useful for cleansing of the mouth, preventing bacterial and viralinfections, tooth decay and dental plaque. It also provides a fresh breath and asmile on the lips. In order to get all the benefits out of the tea, one mustalways brew it correctly.

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