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A Cause of Many Sleepless Nights

Itchy throat at night is one of the things capable of completely preventing you from sleeping when you are supposed to. Many people experience this unpleasant fit, escalating to the extent of making one try to scratch the troublesome spot, only to finally do away with the terrible irritation and uneasiness this state of affairs is capable of causing. There are numerous reasons behind this undesirable fit, some more serious than the others. Nevertheless, if you are suffering from this reoccurring condition, you may want to look into the possible causes, symptoms and treatment.

Reasons Behind Itchy Throat at Night

Firstly, the most common cause of this condition is excessive dust in the air you breathe in your sleeping quarters. This is usually so due to living next to a construction site or a road involving constant passing of motor vehicles. This leads us to pollution as one of the main culprits as well. Namely, taking into consideration that we live in more and more polluted environments every year, it is not strange that our throat becomes itchy due to our constant inhaling of smog, industrial waste and various other poisonous substances take in along with our beloved oxygen.

Secondly, the air in your room may be too dry. Lack of air humidity is often caused by leaving your air conditioners on during the night. These make the air dry, causing your throat to become irritated and itchy. Certain seasons during the year, like winter, may lead to this lack of air humidity as well. Alternatively, we might be allergic to certain animate or inanimate things present in our room or household. This includes animals, certain materials, plants, etc. Allergies may easily trigger the troublesome itchiness in our throat.

Pregnant women may experience itchy throat at night. In their cases, the cause is probably completely natural, due to the fact that their body is experiencing numerous transformations and changes, making some parts of their respiratory organs more prone to getting irritated.

How Can This Be Treated?

One of the best cures for this aggravating fit is having a glass, bottle, thermos or some other container full with warm water close to you while you are sleeping. Then, if your itchy throat wakes you up, you may provide it relief by drinking this warm water. Cough syrup presents an excellent alternative for these purposes.

Finally, you might consider chewing ginger and letting its juices calm down your throat problems. Also, taking a spoonful of honey will most certainly make the itching go away and provide you a night of good sleep.

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