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Is there anything more annoying than the itchy skin at night when we are in our beds trying to get asleep after a long wearisome day? In order to treat it we should first know what causes it.

Causes of itchy skin at night

Itchy skin at night may be due to allergic reaction to certain chemicals that are in the mattress or the bedding. Some can be allergic to the soap or detergent he/she uses or to the cloths made of certain fabrics which causes itching all over the body, especially at night. When the skin is dehydrated it may lead to the occurrence of itching and this usually happens in women after menopause and for that reason the consummation of plenty of water is essential in order to reduce the itching at night. Most of the times, chronic alcoholism causes cirrhosis of the liver which damages the normal functioning of the liver so that, as a consequence, the liver secretes certain bile byproducts that reach the skin causing extreme itching particularly at night. Many skin disorders tend to induce itching and among them is psoriasis marked by the appearance of red scaly patches that emerge on the head, ears and genitalia. Psoriasis causes extreme itching at night because it becomes irritated by rough bed covers. Extreme heat and hot shower are also responsible for the incidence of itchy skin at night so it is important to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun as well as having shower with hot water if you want to have a good sleep which is not disturbed by itching.

Remedies for itchy skin at night

Itchy skin can be avoided by moisturizing it minimum two times a day and always after having a shower which is shorter than you used to and, of course, with cooler water. Thus the skin would not be dry and irritated anymore and you will have a good sleep. Oatmeal baths are said to be very good at treating the skin which itches at night. Moreover, only mild and fragrance-free skin products should be used if you want to avoid itching. The skin should not be scratched since it may cause the skin infections and skin irritations and just aggravate the condition. Furthermore, the skin should be kept always clean and well-moisturized. The wearing of tight clothes is not advisable for those people who have the problems with itchy skin at night.

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