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Sore throat is a condition manifesting through discomfort and pain in the throat area. This phenomenon is triggered by viral activity, most of the times. Therefore, antibiotics cannot be used for treating it. Pain usually starts in the morning, and escalates during the day and at night. Along with sore throat, one may suffer from fever or swollen lymph glands. Even though sore throat is not a dangerous condition, it can affect your daily life and interfere with your normal functions, especially if it remains persistent for a long periods of time, like it does in some cases.

What Can Trigger Long-Term Sore Throat?

One of the most common causes of sore throat is low immunity. Normally, a strong immune system is capable of fighting off viruses and bacteria that are attacking us, keeping our organism safe. However, when we are exposed to stress, malnutrition, smoking and genetic weakness, our body cannot withstand the attacks and infections take place.

Teachers and singers are quite prone to having constant sore throats, due to the requirements of their professions, which are constant raising of voice and yelling for longer periods of time. Then, their vocal cords get strained and damaged, leading to sore throat sensation which is longer in duration.

Sometimes, allergies can be behind our sore throat. We are exposed to numerous potential allergens such as dust, pollen, smoke, smog, animal dander, dust mites and others, daily. Some of us are allergic to these and our body responds through reactions which trigger sore throat.

Also, often, when we suffer from cold or any other cause of nasal blockage, we tend do breathe through our mouth excessively. Then, we might inhale cold air directly into the throat, irritating it and leading to sore throat. Breathing through your mouth all the time also leads to dry mouth and thirst.

People who are prone to infections commonly use antibiotics excessively in order to treat them. However, this can lead to yeast infection which can affect the throat and lead to a condition called oral thrush, causing constant soreness in the area.

Finally, having a long and heavy career of being a smoker can easily lead to throat cancer and the first sign of this disease is constant pain in the area. AIDS patients may have the same problem.

What Can You Do?

First and foremost, you should not ignore this condition. Rather, react timely. Make sure that your dwelling is not filled with dry air, or that you are not suffering from acid reflux or any chronic infection. Either way, seek medical assistance as soon as you notice that sore throat has bothered you for more than a whole day and night. Naturally, do not smoke and avoid places where there are smokers.

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