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Due to the sensitivity of our throat, it becomes easily irritated by many conditions. In order to relieve the symptoms of irritated throat, we should first discover what caused it previously and then address the cause along with the symptoms.

Causes of the irritated throat

The irritated throat usually results from the dust and pollutants, and it is one of the symptoms of the various allergies, common cold and the flu. When one is allergic to dust, the inhalation of dust blocks the air passages and irritates the throat, so when one starts to cough to clear the air passages, that frequent coughing further irritates the throat, making it sore. The common cold irritates the throat due to the post-nasal drip, which accumulates in the throat. Furthermore, when one is smoking, the tobacco smoke makes the throat very dry, which provokes coughing since the smoke gradually destroys cilia, which are hair-like projections that cover the trachea, as well as the bronchial tubes, and which have the role to remove the phlegm through the process of coughing. Cold water and cold beverages may also cause the irritated throat. Moreover, viral and bacterial infections, as well as fungi, may be responsible for the incidence of the irritated throat. Inhalation of certain chemicals and speaking in a high pitched voice are also some of the possible reasons behind the irritation of the throat.

Symptoms of irritated throat

When one suffers from the irritated throat, he/she tends to swallow saliva more often than it is normal, since that is the way to alleviate the dryness of the throat. Another main symptom of the irritated throat is coughing since the person tries to clear the air passages. Pain when swallowing or when yawning may also appear when one has to deal with irritated throat. All these symptoms should not be neglected and prompt treatment should be sought in order to alleviate the symptoms and address the culprit.

Home remedies for the irritated throat

Several home remedies may be very good at treating the throat irritation and should be tried before going to a doctor. It is recommended to rinse the throat three times a day with the solution made of warm water, a spoon of salt, and two pinches of turmeric powder. In order to easily eject the phlegm from the throat, drinking a lot of warm water is advisable since the warm water can dissolve the phlegm. Ginger tea and cough syrup are also the effective remedies when dealing with the irritated throat.

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