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Anxiety in My Bed?!

Anxiety attacks may strike some people during the course of the night. Apart from being incapable of sleeping, people suffering from these anxiety attacks are unable to focus on resting since they are constantly in a state of restlessness and irritability. There are many different causes behind this phenomenon. It may come from some imbalances in the chemicals located in our brains however, this is not necessarily the case since many other factors may be involved in the problems you experience at night, being troubled by anxiety instead of blessed by a good night sleep.

Causes and Treatment of Bedtime Anxiety Attacks

In addition to the cause mentioned above, an anxiety attack may be triggered by exessive worry. Many people spend their days so busy that they do not manage to think about life and problems during the day. Unfortunately, for some people, questions, problems and frustrations get to the surface during the time reserved for sleeping and relaxation. That's when many anxiety attacks are likely to occur. Furthermore, you might experience anxiety attacks at night after consuming coffee and certain foods before bedtime. If this happens make sure you change your eating and drinking habits in order to stop the anxiety problems. Alternatively, you can introduce a completely new bedtime routine when you will either take a warm, soothing bath, read an interesting book, or do whatever makes you more relaxed and is likely to get you into your sleeping mood. Leave all problems and troubles for tomorrow and allow yourself to enjoy your well-deserved sleep.

Surely, our lives are causes of these attacks too, and it can hardly be our fault. Stress at work, relationship and family problems, general fear for tomorrow, due to lack of secure working places and the overall support from your company. Thus, most of us are troubled by financial, relationship and other problems related to our lifestyles, and we often carry our problems in our bed with us, which is, of course, a bad thing.

You should try and make changes in your life by managing your stress and coping with your problems at an adequate time. However, if your anxiety attacks at night continue to be persistent and you experience lack of sexual desire, along with a loss of appetite, concentration problems, social behavior issues, proneness to seclusion as well as doubtfulness and stress, feeling overemotional in the process, you might want to seek professional help, consulting with your doctor.

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