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Dry Cough at Night Characteristics

As the name itself suggests, dry cough is a condition manifesting through coughing without any mucus or fluid production connected to the process. However, an interesting fact about this specific type of cough is that it mostly takes place during the course of the night. Thus, it happens while one is sleeping, starting and subsiding from time to time, lasting continuously even for several hours without stopping. Being dry, it irritates the throat and might cause pain and discomfort. Also, if this cough continues to be present in one's life, it is likely to evolve into wet cough which is a sign of some other, underlying health condition. Either way, even though there are no specific causes of dry cough at night, there are several factors which may be taken into consideration, regarding this condition.

Possible Reasons behind Dry Cough at Night

There are many possible “suspects” when it comes to this annoying condition which can easily cause numerous sleepless nights to affect our everyday life and performance. Some of the most common culprits are asthma, common cold, sinus infection and emphysema. All of these are likely to cause respiratory problems, manifesting through coughing excessively. Here, however, these processes take place at night.

Nevertheless, there are other possible health problems which can lead to the onset of this dry cough. Your throat, and your organism, can be irritated by some kind of a pollutant. Also, you could have inhaled something that your organism is trying to expel through coughing. Post nasal drip, laryngitis, tracheitis or larynx diseases, all belong to the list of possible triggers of this coughing condition. Finally, lung cancer, many different allergies, excessive smoking, seasonal changes and acid reflux may easily lead to dry coughing at night.

Possible Treatment for Dry Cough at Night

The first, and, probably one of the best dry cough remedies is garlic. Namely, you will do well by chewing several cloves at once before going to bed, once you feel like your throat is irritated or your already start coughing. Alternatively, you can make a paste from garlic and mix it with honey. Keep this remedy and take a tablespoon of it every time you start feeling the symptoms of dry cough at night.

Gargling or drinking warm water, optionally mixed with salt, is an excellent cure for your coughing problems of this type. Also, ginger root and herbal teas are there to defend you from these pestering coughing sprees. So, feel free to take these into consideration as well.

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