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Many medical conditions may cause itching sensation. They most commonly include skin disorders but this symptom may also develop in numerous systemic diseases and be caused by certain environmental factors. Itching may be mild or intensive but in all cases it eventually becomes annoying and causes anxiety and irritability. Itching sensation may affect only parts of the skin and in some cases the entire body. Furthermore, in some people itching may only occur during night or bother patient all day long.

Itching all over the body during night usually occurs in liver cirrhosis, psoriasis and dehydration of the skin. Even a hot shower before going to bed may induce itching sensation. And finally, in some people allergic reaction to fabric of mattress or bedding can be a cause of itching all over during night.

Causes of Itching All Over Body

In majority of cases itching all over body is caused by stress and anxiety. This drives to conclusion that this sensation can be perfectly prevented if one properly copes with stress and anxiety. Another cause is dry skin. And itching also affects people who are exposed to sun too much.

Apart from the previously mentioned itching all over may be a consequence of some serious illnesses such as kidney disorders, allergy, hyperthyroidism, hepatitis, iron deficiency, cancers, and blood disorders. It can be also a side effect of certain medications. And finally, some infections and parasite infestation may also be a cause of itching all over body.

People experience localized itching sensation after insect stings and bites.

Itching All Over Body in Pregnancy

Many pregnant women face itching all over body. This sensation can be related to hormonal changes or develop due to some serious medical conditions.

During pregnancy hormonal changes are frequent and they eventually induce itching sensation. In some women in the third trimester of the pregnancy the cause of itching may be related to the onset of red itchy bumps and pustules which are predominantly located on their abdomen. They are medically known as pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy. Another condition which affects pregnant women is intrahepatic cholestasis.

This medical condition features with improper transfer of the bile and causes build-up of bile salts. Accumulation of bile salts in the skin leads to intensive itching sensation. In some women pregnancy may trigger already existing skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, allergies which feature with many symptoms and signs and itching is only one of them.

Treating Itching All Over Body

Even though the skin can severely itch one should under no circumstances scratch it. Baths and showers must include lukewarm water and mild soaps. One should rinse thoroughly and dry the skin completely after the bath or shower is finished. Soothing lotions can soften the skin and reduce itchiness. This is why dry skin must be properly moisturized. People should not expose the skin to sun without proper protection. And finally, if itchy skin is a symptom of some underlying condition it requires proper treatment.

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