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The ear

The ear is an organ for the sense of hearing and itis a part of the auditory system. It is very complex since it is comprised onmany parts. The three major parts of the ear are the outer ear, the middle ear andthe inner ear. All three parts work in coordination. Each part of the ear furtherhas its own parts. The outer ear is consisted of ear flap and earcanal, while the middle ear is comprised of the eardrum or tympanic membrane andthree tiny bones called hammer, anvil and stirrup. The inner ear is made of thespiral tube, semicircular canals and the auditory nerve. The ear has three main functions and those arehearing, head positioning and maintaining the body balance.

Itchy ear canal and the causes

Sometimes it occurs that we feel an itching in theear. It can be very uncomfortable condition, especially if we are not alone andcannot scratch.

One of the causes for the appearance of an itchingsensation in the ear is a fungal infection. The people who are engaged in watersports are at high risk to develop a fungal infection because the fungus bestsurvives in warm and moist environment. When a fungal infection occurs, one ofits symptoms is an itching in the ear canal.

Itching is a common symptom of many skin conditions,such as eczema, psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. These skin disordersusually spread to the ears and cause the uncomfortable itching. Sometimes it occursthat the ear canals are blocked and scaled. In those cases, the hearing can be impaired.

Itchy ear canal may be caused by various allergiesto certain foods and substances. In such cases, this itching sensation isaccompanied by watery and irritated eyes.

Furthermore, inadequate production of ear wax by theglands in the canal of the outer ear is also responsible for the occurrenceof this unpleasant sensation. On the other side, the excessive production ofthe ear wax and its build up in the ear canal also cause itching and badhearing.

Treatment of itchy ear canal

When one feels itching in the ear, he/she shouldpour some drops of mineral or olive oil in the ear. When the ear wax causesitching, then one should put the bottle with hot water under the ear whilelying. The wax is thus melted and the ear canal can be cleaned and unblocked.

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