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Facts about Itching

Itching and itchiness are usuallyproblems related to a specific skin problem one might be enduring.However, there might be other, different, causes behind thisphenomenon. Either way, it manifests through a very uncomfortableurge to scratch certain portions of your skin, due to the irritationand tingling you might feel underneath or on the surface of yourskin. This itchiness can take place over a single part of your body.However, sometimes, it can affect your body as a whole, being an evenmore disturbing problem one might encounter.

What Causes Itching All Over One'sBody?

There are many different causes of thisproblem. Usually, it takes place due to a person's excessive exposureto stress and anxiety. Another common problem is dry skin,which is likely to trigger itchiness all over the surface of one'sbody. Sun burns or sun exposure may trigger this condition too.Additionally, allergies, thyroid gland problems, liver or kidneydiseases and cancers can all be behind itchiness aswell.

Moreover, rashes, fungal and bacterialinfections, insect stings and bites and many more, add on to the listof possible causes of this annoying and itchy problem.

Pregnant women are a group which islikely to experience this itchiness. This can take place due tohormonal imbalances which take place during pregnancy.Also, as the baby grows bigger in the woman's body, her skinstretches, resulting in itchiness. Build up of bile salt in apregnant woman's liver may lead to extreme itchiness without anyvisible symptoms. On the other hand, there are situations where apregnant woman may get very itchy and uncomfortable bumps on the surface of her skin. Logically, allergies, skin conditionsand similar problems may escalate during pregnancy, being thepotential cause of the itchiness too.

Generally, this phenomenon may strikepeople overnight. During this time, the itchiness may be caused byliver cirrhosis, psoriasis, dehydration, many different symptoms ofmenopause, allergies to the mattress or any other materials in bedetc. Also, taking a hot shower before bedtime can easily trigger theitching.

What Can One Do?

First of all, scratching an itch isalways bound to result in its escalation. Thus, restrain yourselffrom scratching and keep your fingernails short. Avoid bathing withhot water and make sure you remove all soap from your body beforegetting out of the tub. Moisturizers and other soothing cosmeticproducts are advised to be used. Finally you are to avoid any skinirritants mentioned above and apply ice in order to calm theitchiness down.

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