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Causes of Itchy Skin

Itchiness of the skin is also very commonly known as pruritus. Xerosis or dry skin is one of the most probable causes of itchiness and it can cause a lot of uneasiness and discomfort to the patient. Dry skin is not so noticeable, but if you are suffering from this problem, you certainly feel it. Your skin feels stretched, inflexible, shrunken and looks dehydrated. Sometimes it can also be very rough to touch and you might notice peeling, flaking or scaling because of this condition. Many times, patients see fine lines and wrinkles on the skin, as well. Dryness of the skin is not severe but more annoying medical problem for the people suffering from it. If the itching is mild it doesn’t bother the patients so much. However, in some cases, patients often feel very intense itchiness and skin rash because of the dry skin.

Scabies infection is also possible cause of itching skin with no visible rash. Mite called Sarcoptes scabiei is the cause of this skin problem, since its burrowing into the skin provokes intense itching. People are urged to scratch affected areas of the body, to relieve the itchiness and the problem is usually worse at night time. Scabies are very contagious and the condition is very easily spread from one person to another from anything two people share.

Poor circulation in certain areas of the body or problems with the functioning of the liver or the kidneys may also be blamed for itchiness of the skin without rash.

How to Treat Itchy Skin without Rash?

Itchiness of the skin is very common problem. People affected by this skin condition should know that there are several home remedies they can use to ease the problem. Whatever has caused the itchiness an ice cube in cotton cloth may be very helpful. Simply wrap the ice in the cloth and rub gently over the area of the skin affected by itching. Ice will hydrate the skin and cool it off significantly, so your itching won’t be so bad anymore. You can use this remedy several times a day, for a couple of minutes each time, but be careful and never use ice directly on the skin. Without cotton cloth, ice might seriously damage the skin and you should avoid that.

Oatmeal baths are also frequent recommendation for everyone experiencing itchy skin. Add a cup of oatmeal to warm water and bath in it every few days to relieve the itching.

Drinking plenty of water, juices, soups and taking lots of fruits is also helpful for this problem.

Avoid scratching itchy skin because it could provoke further skin problems. Avoid excess heat and sweating and wearing scratchy fabrics on the affected area while the itchiness lasts.

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