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One of the major organs in the humans is liver and it performs many important functions among which are storing the glycogen, detoxification, and production of many hormones.

Pain in the liver should not be neglected and the doctor should be consulted about it in order to promptly treat and cure the condition that affected it.

Symptoms of liver pain

The abdomen in the humans is a relatively large area housing many organs and for that reason, when the pain appears in the abdomen, it can refer to a disorder of any organ in this area. Therefore, liver pain is often mistaken for some other organ disease.

When the liver is affected by certain disorder, it is manifested through a dull pain in the upper right part of the abdomen. This pain may also be accompanied by pain in the back and pain in the shoulders, as well as pain in the whole abdomen.

Several skin disorders may also appear along with liver pain. For example, the skin can be covered with rash or brown blemishes and spots. Itching and irritated skin are also quite common symptoms that occur when one has the problems with the liver pain. Furthermore, the skin around the eyes can be affected by turning into the darker color, while the eyes become itchy, yellow and swollen.

The people suffering from the liver pain may also have problems with excessive sweating, fatigue and difficulty when breathing. Bad breath, red soles and palms, and swollen testes in men are also some of the symptoms of the liver pain.

Causes of liver pain

The liver pain can be induced by a number of factors.

One of the most serious liver diseases is liver cancer, which always causes sharp liver pain in the last stage. Another major cause for the occurrence of the pain in the liver is hepatitis, a condition that causes the enlargement and swelling of many organs in the body, thus resulting in pain. Among the causes of the liver pain is the condition called steatosis, which is actually a fatty and swollen liver. When the liver has large amounts of fats, it can induce the pain. Furthermore, swollen spleen makes the pressure on the liver causing the liver pain.

Other health conditions that may be responsible for the incidence of the liver pain are high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, whereas liver pain after excessive consummation of alcohol is a quite normal condition.

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