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Characteristics of Itchy Rashes

This phenomenon is quite an often one and many people experience it at some points of their lives. Caused by numerous factors, these rashes may appear on any given part of one's skin, most usually affecting our hands, legs, back, feet, necks and sometimes even our stomach. Due to the fact that there are many reasons behind these anomalies on a person's skin, you need to know what causes these itchy and irritating rashes on your stomach and how can this condition be successfully treated.

What May Cause an Itchy Rash onStomach?

The most common reasons behind stomach rashes are allergic reactions. These may strike an individual for two different reasons. Firstly, he or she could be exposed to a certain allergen which triggers this reaction in the person's organism. This may involve certain animal, fabric, dust, or similar other allergies. Secondly, a person may have an allergic reaction to some types of food or specific medications he or she is using. Both may easily trigger the appearance of a rash on the surface of one's stomach. Quite often, this rash may be extremely itchy and irritating.

Sometimes, a skin disease, called psoriasis, may provoke rashes upon your stomach, as well as other parts of your body. Moreover, quite frequently, itchy rash on your stomach is caused by a bacterial, viral or fungal infection you may have. This usually affects pregnant women and small children, even though it may strike adults too, but in some rare cases.

Parasites may be behind your itchy stomach rash. Namely, microscopic bloodsucking organisms called mites, feed of human blood and therefore may attack one's stomach areas, leaving itchy rashes after their meal. Finally, although extremely rare, measles and chickenpox can trigger rashes on your stomach.

Possible Treatment

Before knowing what to do in order to make this annoying rash disappear, you need to pay your doctor a visit. After examining you and ruling our some of the possible causes, he or she will prescribe the best therapy for getting rid of you itchy stomach rash. This will probably involve applying some antiseptic creams onto the troublesome skin surface. In cases of allergic reactions, you will need to stop taking some medications or avoid specific allergens. Finally, in cases of any underlying conditions, after their treatment, the rash will surely vanish as well. All in all, seeking medical assistance is the best thing to do in cases of itchy rash appearing on your stomach.

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