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Information on Lanolin Allergy

Lanolin allergy may be affiliated with persistent rasheswhich occur all over the body and cannot be resolved even by using differenttypes of lotions and moisturizers. Lanolin is a certain chemical substance withoily qualities and it commonly gets extracted from the wool of differentspecies of animals. The wool extracts need to be purified and refined in orderto produce the lanolin cream.

Lanolin is known for its potent emollientqualities and it is the vital ingredient of all sorts of different ointments,lotions and skin creams. It is very efficient in moisturizing the skin but itmay also be affiliated with certain allergic reactions. Lanolin allergicreaction occurs when a person applies a cream which contains lanolin.

Most allergicreactions occur because the process of refining may involve certain impurities.In most cases, those who suffer allergic reactions to lanolin or creams thatcontain lanolin usually suffer from other skin problems and conditions such aseczema.

Lanolin Allergy Symptoms

Those who are allergic to wool are usually also allergic tolanolin and any type of ointment or cream that contains it. Lanolin allergiessometimes remain undetected for numerous years. The most common indication of alanolin allergy is skin rash which cannot be relieved by applying any type ofskin moisturizer.

Other symptoms of lanolin allergy may include swelling of thelips and swelling of certain other parts of the face as well. Some cases oflanolin allergy may also include nasal congestion but it is usually triggered bywool fibers. Lanolin allergy rash involves bumps on the skin which may occur atany area of the body and they may also spread throughout the entire body.

Sometimes they may also involve bumps which are itchy and red. Certain rarecases may also involve certain types of scaly patches. It is a good idea toavoid being exposed to causes of the allergy and it is also wise to avoid usingskin products which include lanolin as one of their ingredients. One may alsotry treating the allergies with topical steroids.

Common Lanolin Allergy

Lanolin is medically defined as a contact dermatitis becauseit gets triggered by a physical contact with the allergen. Rashes involved witha lanolin allergy can only occur at the areas where the lanolin based productsare applied in a topical manner. The most common areas affected by this type ofallergy are the hands and the face.

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