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A rash on hands is a rather common medical condition and it may affect a large number of people everywhere around the globe. In some cases it may be quite awkward, as it may be very itchy and annoying. One must always first determine what the contributing factors and causes of rash on hands. Once a person determines the causes of the rash, it is possible to discuss various treatment options. Options for the treatment may include a wide array of remedies including the natural and chemical ones.

Types of Rashes

Rashes can be of various different types. If a person notices a rash which occurs only at a specific part of the body, it usually signifies that there is actually an allergic reaction present in the body. This type of medical condition is medically referred to as contact dermatitis. If a person notices rash which only occurs on the hands, it is most likely that he or she held or touched something with the hands which did not come in contact with other parts of the body.

Psoriasis is another common medical condition which can be associated with the occurrence of rash on the hands. Psoriasis may cause the development of rash on the hands but it usually triggers similar symptoms on other parts of the body as well. There are certain contributing factors which are the most common causes of rash on hands and those include jewelry, metals, rubber, latex, cleaners, tomatoes, potatoes, citrus foods, spicy peppers, acid, hand soap, lotion, dish detergent and poison ivy. Extremely dry skin and excessive washing of the hands may also be considered as contributing factors in some cases. Wearing gloves for extended periods of tome may cause excessive sweating which may be responsible for the occurrence of the so called heat rash.

Prevention and Treatment

One must remember all the possible factors which may have triggered the occurrence of rash on hands. Allergic reactions and allergies sometimes tend to appear for the first time after many years. All possible causes need to be taken into consideration. The allergen needs to be eliminated and one should avoid over washing the hands affiliated with rashes. Strong lotions, soaps and other irritants need to be avoided as well. Severe cases of rash may involve the development of blisters and require immediate medical attention. Some cases of rash on hands need to be treated with medicaments. Scratching should be avoided as much as possible.

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