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Allergic to Laundry Detergent?

Many people suffer from different typesof allergies. Sometimes, due to many factors, our organism mayperceive harmless things to be harmful. Then, upon our contact withthe troublesome substances, our brain triggers a reaction in order toexpel the substance from our organism and trigger an alarm for itspresence. Among many things people may be allergic to, some of themhave laundry detergent as their allergen. Namely, every time a personallergic to laundry detergent gets in contact with this substance, heor she is bound to suffer from numerous side-effects like skininflammations and many others. Truly, people may be allergic to manyother household chemicals. However, most frequent allergens are thesame ones which make our laundry clean.

How Does It Happen?

As mentioned above, upon exposure tosomething our body does not perceive as benign, it triggers anallergic reaction. It triggers the production of histamine into ourblood. Histamine is the chemical produced in order to expel theharmful substances from our body. However, histamine also affects oureyes, stomach, skin, lungs and nose, thus making these means ofexpressing a person's allergic reaction. Even though there are casesof allergies being transferred genetically, there is no exact ruleregarding this situation. Rather, a person may be allergic tosomething even though there were no such cases in his or her family.

Manifestations of a Laundry DetergentAllergy

First and foremost, there are skinreactions. After up to several hours from the contact, skin rashes,redness as well as dry skin sensation may strike an allergic person.The allergy is mostly expressed upon the body parts which are in contact withthe detergent. The symptoms may include itchiness and irritation,along with small skin peels. If the allergen is not removed, thesymptoms are likely to escalate, triggering swelling, pain, burning, and stinging. Upon excessively prolonged exposure, permanent allergicreactions are caused, making one's skin portions lose their pigmentand hair.

What To Do Once You Are Allergic?

As means of prevention you are to weargloves when handling laundry detergent. Also, make sure you wash yourhands with soap once you notice the symptoms mentioned above. It isbest to find the exact allergen causing your unwanted reactions.Then, you may choose a different type of laundry detergent avoidingthe allergy. It is best to seek a dermatologist's opinion in thesesituations, since he or she will most certainly be of greatassistance.

Finally, make sure you use highlyautomatized washing machines as these will allow you the leastcontact with the detergent. You may choose homemade laundry soapsover the troublesome detergents as well.

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