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All over body rash

Your Worst Nightmare

If you thought that having a rash on your face, hands or some other body parts is the worst thing that can happen to you, you are wrong. Namely, there are cases when this phenomenon, involving the appearance of red and often itchy skin anomalies, may affect our entire body. There are no specific regions these kinds of rashes prefer, once it comes to their appearance. Rather, your whole body will be covered with them, and you will be experiencing all the uncomfortable symptoms of these on every inch of your skin. Two of the most common causes of all over body rashes are measles and chickenpox.

Reasons behind All Over Rashes

As mentioned above, some of the main culprits of a rash all over someone’s body are chicken pox. This viral disease involves the development of redness accompanied with blisters. These cover the entire surface of one’s body, causing itchiness and extreme discomfort, along with fevers, high temperature, and throat problems. Children are the group most prone to chicken pox.

With children and babies, all over body rash may be triggered by measles as well. This itchy and unpleasant state of affairs, involving redness and small pimple-like spots all over one’s body, is highly contagious and manifests first appearing in ears, later developing throughout the body.

The list of causes does not stop there. A rash over your entire body may be an allergic reaction to certain medications. This usually takes place once a person continues using medications he or she is allergic to. In such cases, the allergy escalates, having this rash as a side-effect.

Similarly, some people may be allergic to certain types of food and, therefore, experience development of rashes whenever they consume their forbidden allergen. People who are allergic to milk and dairy products, may easily end up with this rash, accompanied with blisters all over their body, whenever they consume these allergens.

Finally, a contact with certain chemicals, metals or other different things may cause eczema to appear all over our body. This too is a scenario more common for children and infants. It manifests through the appearance of itchiness and inflammations over the complete surface of the skin. Additionally, dry parts of dead skin may fall off the body of people experiencing eczema.

There are numerous things which may reduce or completely remove your all over body rashes. These usually involve moisturizing lotions, special soaps and bath solutions. You doctor may prescribe you adequate medical creams or other products speeding up your exposure to these terrible rashes.

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