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Alcoholismis a condition in which a person is addicted to alcohol. Alcoholics can’trestrain themselves from drinking and also they can’t stop drinking, they don’tknow when they had enough of alcohol. Alcoholism can lead to dysfunctional life,troubles with partner it affects on persons well-being and causes financial troubles.Alcoholism and alcohol abuse are not the same because alcohol abuse refers to the condition where a person is not addicted to alcohol but drinks a lot of alcohol.Both of these conditions are serious and often can’t be treated without help.


Alcoholicsare usually not aware that they need help and they unwillingly accept the treatment.In most cases alcoholics are pressured to go to the treatment by family membersor friends, but they first need to understand that they need help. Therefore itis important to speak with specialist in order to find the right way to facethe person with the problem. There aredifferent treatments for alcoholics and which one of them will be used depends onhow big problem with alcohol person has. If a person suffers from alcohol abuse then the treatment can consist of decreasing the amount of alcohol that persondrinks. If there is a real addiction, then a person must completely stopdrinking. First step in the treatment is detoxification, where a person isusually hospitalized and it lasts about one week. This phase requires usage oftranquilizers because of the withdrawal signs such as tremor and hallucinations called delirium tremens. After this, with the help of professional a plan for treatment will be developed. Psychotherapy can also be very helpful whendealing with alcoholism. It is essential that the members of the family supportthe treatment and even be involved in the therapy.


Disulfiram,Naltrexone and Acamprosate are medicines those affect the desire to drink and result in decreasing the hunger for alcohol. Disulfiram combined withalcohol results in unpleasant symptoms such as vertigo throwing up andheadaches. There are also injections used for treatment so called Vivitrol, and they are used one time monthly.


The mostknown groups that deal with problems of alcoholics are Alcoholic Anonymous.These kinds of groups are beneficial in giving a support to individuals not tostart drinking again. If there is an underlying condition, then alcoholism isjust used to mask that condition, so in those cases, a person must deal withpsychological condition which initially occurred and caused alcoholism.Psychotherapy or medicines can help you struggle with these problems. Whenyou are an alcoholic, it is inevitable that you will develop dysfunctions of internalorgans, and you will most likely suffer from hypertension, problem with liver andheart. There are also treatments that require staying in a facility. Alcoholismis curable condition provided someone is willing to accept the fact that the problemexists and provided there is a desire for problem to be solved.

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