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Alcohol Is Bad for Your Health

The point this title is trying to make is quite self explanatory. Namely, drinking alcohol, even occasionally, in moderation, can cause you serious health problems in the long run. This is even worse if you consume alcohol excessively. Therefore, you need to know what kind of damage alcoholic beverage consumption causes to your body and mind. In a nutshell, alcohol negatively affects one's cardiovascular system, makes one's mental and physical functions impaired and leads to plenty of other disabilities and problems, some more serious than the others. For these reasons, and others which will be mentioned in the following lines, you are highly advised to either reduce your alcohol use to a minimum, or to stop drinking altogether.

Negative Effects of Alcohol on Your Life

First, we have the hangover, the greatest nemesis of all people prone to heavy drinking. In case you did not know, you feel bad after drinking alcohol because your body does not want it inside it and is doing its best to detoxify itself. Therefore, if your body hates alcohol, maybe you should not be so persistent in forcing it to consume it in the first place. What is more, hangovers manifest themselves through headaches, nausea, various sores and even vomiting, making you incompetent for any regular, daily, performances you usually take part in.

To make things worse, if you continue using alcohol it coul lead to an addiction that is very difficult to overcome. Therefore, you are bound to feel the bitter taste of withdrawal symptoms once you try not to feed your body with alcohol after a period of regular and persistent binge drinking. Being drunk causes your mental functions to become impaired and your actions confused. Subsequently, many people have lost their jobs due to their problems with alcohol. Moreover, alcohol makes people violent and numb, leading to many incidents, some of which usually end with someone hurt or dead. In the long run, alcohol consumption is bound to take its toll on you, since no alcoholic is bound to have a long life. Rather, you are likely to die out of some kind of a terminal disease once you decide to trade your health for this deadly habit. To make things worse, pregnant women who drink risk their child to be born prematurely or with certain debilitating effects. All in all, there are only bad consequences once you are unable to say no to alcohol, and all the alcohol in the world is definitely not worth your life and the happiness of you and people around you. You and your loved ones deserve more. And this “more” means no alcohol in your life.

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