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Everyone knows that alcohol is one of the substances which should be avoided because it can cause serious health problems. Taking a drink or two occasionally may not be the worst idea you ever had, but more than that could provoke headache, nausea, vomiting and many other things. Also, don’t drink and drive after, that’s never safe to do. So, try to limit yourself in the evening to avoid morning complications.

Leg Pain After Drinking

Besides loud talk, fake confidence and morning difficulties, some people may experience leg aches after drinking. This is not uncommon problem and it can happen when you drink. Some people experience leg pains after drinking just one glass of wine, while others complain about similar problems related to huge amounts of alcohol in their system. Severity of leg ache is also individual. For some patients these are uncomfortable but mild pains and for others these are serious problems they are faced with.

Why Legs Hurt When We Drink?

Accumulation of lactic acid and dehydration are probable physiological causes of leg aches in people who drank some alcohol. Just by taking one (or more) alcoholic drink there is going to be more lactic acid in your body. Too much of lactic acid in human body is known to lead to cramps and aches of the muscles, so this is one probable explanation what has happened to your legs.


Dehydration after drinking alcohol is another possible reason of leg aches, due to muscle cramps and pains. Severity of dehydration depends on the amount and type of alcohol you took. Drinking plenty of water after sleepless and drunken night in town may ease leg pain. People usually don’t remember to drink water before going to bed and they wake up next morning with pain in the legs. Just take several glasses of water and it will pass after a while. Carbohydrate-rich food is also beneficial in this situation and it will help you decrease the pain in the legs.

What Else Could Cause Leg Aches?

Stupid things people do when they drink too much alcohol may also provoke leg pains. Heavy drinking may cause too much dancing, wandering the streets at night or standing drunk, trying to cross the road while some car ran over your foot. These things happen, unfortunately. How many times have you seen your drunken friend falling and climbing up and down the stairs to their apartment or someone sleeping in awkward position? Well, these things too may cause leg aches and pains.

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