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There are no particular warning signs for the appearance of hair loss except the actual beginning of the process, so it may come as quite a shock to some men. This is especially alarming when it happens to very young men in their 20s, since it is most commonly related to old age. Unfortunately, a cure for baldness which can reverse or stop the entire process when applied does not officially exist. However there are ways to deal with this issue.

Ways of accepting hair loss

Hair loss is always a highly unwelcome and dissatisfying occurrence but since its process is inevitable once it begins one should try and make the best of it in a way that is most acceptable to him.

One way to distract oneself from the growing baldness of the head is to put the emphasis on some other feature on the face that is appealing and pleasant. For example, men with nice eyes might try to dye their eyelashes in black so that they would attract more attention.

Furthermore, renewing the wardrobe and changing the hairstyle is another way to go. This can be completely refreshing and exhilarating on many levels. Going for a new, younger look and finding the according clothes should do a pretty good job of not only making someone look younger, but also making them feel that way. And when a new hairstyle is added whether it is a really short and cropped haircut, or completely shaved off hair, it will potentially make hair loss a distant memory and turn the whole experience into something positive and revitalizing.

On the other hand, some people may not be ready to make such drastic changes due to hair loss. They might consider simply covering up the balding parts of the head with hair pieces or hats. High quality hair pieces may be costly, but they are very long-lasting and they look very authentic.

Medications dealing with hair loss

Although hair loss is not reversible in the majority of cases, there are some medications which were proven to have a positive effect on it, and sometimes even succeed in overturning it temporarily. Finasteride is the most effective one of such drugs and it was originally used to treat prostate problems, but was noticed to have a positive effect on hair loss. This drug has the ability to stop and even overturn the process in some cases, but that only lasts for about a year. It also has some side effects such as impotence, reduced libido, problems with ejaculation, breast sensitivity, rashes and swellings.

Some people even undergo surgery to fix this problem and although this procedure has much improved over the years, it is still not quite perfected, but it is a valid alternative to consider anyway.

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