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What is Hair Transplantation all About?

Hair transplantation is an important new hot topic when it comes to hair restoration. It involves the use of medication to the goal of restoring hair of one part of the body by means of surgically removing it from another. And that is as blunt as an explanation of a surgical procedure of the sort can get.

The procedure's results include a number of considerable benefits to men suffering from male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. The two are also the most frequent reasons to male hair loss.

Men Hair Transplant Procedure

The first thing to do is analyze the areas from and to which hair is to be transplanted. This evaluation is to be done very thoroughly. The next step is the actual surgical procedure. This involves transplantation of skin from the donor area (the area which includes the skin with the hair follicles to be transplanted) to the balding area.

The state of the art way of doing this is called "follicular unit transplantation", and there are two ways of doing it: strip harvesting and FUE harvesting.

During strip harvesting, a scalp is taken from the donor area, and then is cut into small pieces – also called "grafts". These pieces are then to be inserted into the thinning area of the scalp. During the removal procedure, local anesthesia is required. Recovery time may take up to two weeks.

Differently, FUE (Follicular Unit Harvesting) involves the extraction of each and single hair follicle from the donor area by means of tiny punctures. These follicles are then to be transplanted to the balding and/or thinning areas by means of micro blade.

Men Hair Transplant Procedure for African Americans

The Previously mentioned procedures were designed with caucasians in mind, but are absolutely identical for African American's as well. That is to say when it comes to hair transplants, race plays no critical role. Actually, in some cases it even looks more natural in the case of the African American. There are lots of living proof examples of this claim. This is mostly due to the density of the hair.

The candidates for hair transplantation are governed by multiple factors. These include: hair density in the donor site and the look and hairstyle the patient would prefer. The curly quality of a colored man's hair makes the results of the transplantation seem only more persuasive and gives them a more natural look.

The Conclusion

When it comes to African Americans, hair transplantation does not differ significantly from the one designed for caucasians. Some additional research needs to be done in order to choose the best method available for the particular client. The success of the procedure depends on the surgeon's skill, so picking the right one is also important.

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