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Balanitis is an inflammatory process that affects glans of the penis. This condition is caused by infection and not only the head of the penis is inflamed but in majority of cases the foreskin is affected as well. All men of all ages can get the disease. The best cure for balanitis is prevention which includes appropriate genital hygiene.

Symptoms of balanitis

Symptoms of balanitis range from mild to severe ones and they mostly present in reddening of glans. The skin of glans is flashing red and sore. This is an obvious sign of irritation. Tiny little sores and erosions may be visible on the glans. As the condition is basically inflammatory the edema of the glans is normally present. Infection is accompanied by foul smelling discharge which collects under the foreskin. Some patients may feel burning sensations while urinating. These symptoms are not specific and may be present in variety of sexually transmitted diseases hence everyone who has experienced any of the previously mentioned symptoms needs to visit a doctor for further examination.

Reasons for infection

The main culprit of this unpleasant infection is Candida. The humidity present under the foreskin is an excellent place for Candida multiplication. Bacteria can be another culprits of balanitis. Those who do not maintain proper hygiene of genital area as well as those who cannot wash the entire surface under the foreskin are more prone to balanitis. Apart from infective agents there are additional conditions that may lead to balanitis. They include allergies, diabetes and phimosis (abnormal constriction of the foreskin that leads to improper drawing back of the foreskin to reveal the glans).

Treating balanitis

Fortunately balanitis is curable. As in majority of patients Candida is responsible for the infection antimicotic ointments are prescribed. The surface of the penis has to be washed regularly and after that dried properly. The cream is applied few times a day. Even antimicotic tablets are prescribed. If a man developed balanitis and his partner has Candida infection as well, both of them need to be treated simultaneously. The symptoms disappear within few days after the treatment has started. In case of bacteria one is prescribed antibiotic ointments or these are given orally in a form of pills. Allergies are treated with corticosteroids. If a man suffers from phymosis he needs to be surgically treated.

Still the best way to avoid balanitis is to keep genital area clean and dry. Hygiene especially in those men who have phymosis needs to be perfect and regular.

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