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Candida is a fungus which can cause infections. It is called Candida albicans. Infections, which Candida causes, are called candidiasis. Candida affects skin, vagina, mouth, urinary tract and stomach. Vaginal infection gets about 75% of women in certain period of their lifetime. People wit HIV or AIDS are usually infected with Candida, about 90%. Elderly people, infants and people with weakened immune system are mostly affected with oral infections. It is called oral thrush.

Candida infections are treated with medications. Antifungal medications are creams, oral tablets and rinses, vaginal tablets and suppositories. It depends on your condition what medication doctor would prescribe you. Vaginal Candida infections are treated with miconazole, clotrimazole and ticonazole. These are creams and suppositories. Also, it can be treated with pill called fluconazole. You can have side effects and they vary. It is very important to take medications exact period of time that doctor prescribed you. If you do not follow doctor’s orders Candida can come back.

Severe Candida infections can seriously endanger your life. This candidiasis is treated with intravenous amphotericin B.

Beside medications some alternative and complementary therapies can help in treatment candidiasis. If you reduce intake of sugar it can help to prevent candida infections. Foods such as dairy products, milk and foods rich with yeast can help in developing candidiasis. Foods rich with yeast are cheese, alcohol, peanuts. Also, processed foods can contribute to Candida infections. This does not mean that Candida will be eliminated.

Alternative therapies for candida treatments are natural antifungal nutrients, probiotics and nutrients which improve and strengthen immune system.Yogurt contains probiotics such as Lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium. These are friendly bacteria and they keep normal balance of bacteria in mucous and bowel membranes. It is not proved that probiotics from yogurt kill candida but it will help you to feel better.For improving your immune system are used vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium. They help in reducing inflammation. Also, to reduce inflammation can help you essential fatty acids. If you have bleeding disorder you have to consult your doctor because these acids could increase the risk of bleeding.B-complex, calcium, magnesium, folate can help you to improve your immune system. Ask you doctor if you need to take its supplements.Natural antifungal nutrients are caprylic acid (type of fatty acid), propolis (bees product), garlic, whole grain, essential fatty acids, cinnamon, sage, oregano, cloves. They can help you with candida infections and they might have antifungal properties.

Uncontrolled use of antibiotics can destroy the friendly bacteria. They are important to control candida. Use antibiotics only if your doctor prescribe you and consult with him about proper use. Herbs also can help you to improve and strengthen your immune system. You have be careful with their use because you can have side effects. You need to consult health care provider. Helpful herbs are pau d`arco bark, tea tree oil, juice of the herb echinacea, pomegranate, garlic.

In homeopathic therapies most commonly used remedies are chamomilla, borax, graphites, kreosotum, belladonna and arsenicum album.

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