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Herpes Infection

Genital herpes is a viral infection that features with painful blisters which occur in genital area. Both men and women can get infected. After the first attack the disease tends to reoccur mostly when infected person's immune system is not functioning properly or when a person is exposed to a lot of stress. In men herpes simplex virus most commonly affects penis but it can also lead to painful skin changes on perineum and groin area. In women vagina and labia are the most affected. Still anal area can be covered with skin changes as well.

Apart from genital area different types of herpes virus may also lead to mouth infection and this form of herpes features with sores inside the oral cavity or on the face, predominantly on lips and around the nose. In genital and oral herpes simplex infections patients are prescribed certain ointments. However, in case of viral infections the prevention plays amazingly important role. What is more, some herbs and vitamin supplements can be helpful in achieving strong and enhanced immune system.


The infection is transmitted by direct contact. The virus is so infective that even the slightest touch can lead to infection. Normally this is enhanced if the skin is covered in wounds or sores. This has to be taken into consideration once a person has decided to kiss a stranger or even become engaged in sexual intercourse with someone who he/she does not know. The problem with herpes simplex infection is that symptoms and signs of the disease do not have to be present. Still the virus can be in saliva or in fluids that are exchanged during intercourse.

Natural Cure for Herpes

So the best cure is actually prevention but if infection has already developed there are some tips which may be helpful.

During the infection the skin needs to be dry and clean. This will accelerate the healing of the sores. Once the person has felt the first symptoms of the infection including tingling or burning sensations in genital area or itchiness he/ she must restrain from sexual intercourse as friction will only make the situation worse. Proper hygiene of the hands is what counts most as this way the chance of further transmission of the virus is reduced. People who know they are infected with herpes simplex virus need to use latex condom to protect their partners.

One should stay away from products that contain synthetic sweeteners such as aspartame. Aspartame may be a trigger for herpes infection. Furthermore, the food rich in lysine may be helpful and one should stay away from food rich in arginine. This means that all types of meat as well as majority of fruit and vegetables can be consumed. On the other hand wheat, white flour, chocolate, cocoa, and soybean should be eliminated from the diet.

Prunella vulgaris is a herb that is good for prevention of herpes simplex infection. Tea tree oils can additionally help in control over the disease.High levels of stress can be successfully reduced with light physical activity. Yoga, for example, is an excellent sport which can help a person to cope with stress.

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