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Is it safe to exercise after back surgery?

The fact is that back surgery is a very serious procedure,regardless of the cause of the problem which is treated this way, and theperiod of recovery is usually not at all comfortable. The range of movement is restricted,and the person needs to follow the advice in detail in order to avoid possible complications,which can further prolong the period of recovery. Yes, it means that mandatorysedentary lifestyle will be inevitable after such a surgery. But when the backbegins to heal, the person will have to restore the strength of the back muscles,which has been lost as a consequence. The doctor is the only qualified person whocan determine when the person in question is ready for exercising, as well aswhich exercising program is suitable for each particular case.

Recommended exercises after back surgery

Walking is an exercise with which the whole process ofregaining the lost strength begins. Even though it is regarded as easy undernormal circumstances, people who have undergone a back surgery will find itvery difficult because their back muscles will be weak. For this reason, duringthe first week, ten minutes will be perfectly enough, and a track or atreadmill is an ideal piece of equipment for this. As for the tempo, it shouldnot exceed the tempo of standard stride because otherwise, the pain mightoccur. After the first week, the walk should be prolonged for 3 minutes everyday. The final goal is to be able to walk for 45 minutes without feeling anypain. In case a person begins to feel slight discomfort at the affected area,it might help to apply ice pack after exercising, but if sharp pain occurs,exercising should be stopped.Since the soft tissue around the area that was operatedusually needs three weeks to heal, it is of vital importance to regain theprevious range of motion in that area. Stretching exercises are more thanbeneficial for this, but then again, a physician should confirm that it is safeto begin with them first. These exercises will restore the stability to theback and they will make the back muscles stronger.A good suggestion is to kneel on the arms and knees carefullyand slowly raise one arm in front of you. A few moments later, the opposite legshould be raised but not too high, and this position should be held for a fewseconds. The same should be repeated for the other arm and the opposite leg.

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