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What is important to do to have a great body, the one that canbe seen almost constantly on TV, just with a different face each time? Why isit so hard to get rid of the fat from the belly, buttocks, back and arms, eventhough exercises and diets are applied? What are the answers? The universalanswer would be a very simple sentence: Eat less and exercise more. Many peoplefool themselves with eating less at first and then slowly returning to the old habits.Also, exercising is something that people do three times a week, then switch to twoand eventually stop, which shows that the biggest problem is in us, in our wayof thinking, in our habits, in our lifestyle. Until we change a lot of thingsin head, the body will remain where it is, with fat and with no muscles. How tostart? First of all, the goals need to be set. A daily goal that would be somethinglike ''I will not eat a candy or some cake today'', and nothing else. Little goalsshould be made, the ones that can be achieved, nothing major, since by conquering smallskirmishes, the time will come for winning the big battles, the ones that truly matter.

Fat reduction

For fat reduction with the physical activity, experts usually recommendcardio exercises. Those are good because the entire body is working out with a moderatetempo, which is great for fat elimination. Even though this type of workout isalways recommended, some body areas cannot lose fat easily, like back for example.This requires specific exercises, the ones that focus the specified area and nothingelse. A good example would be opposite arm and leg lift. It is done with layingon the stomach and lifting opposite arm and leg. When lifted, arm and legshould be held in that position for few seconds (although there are strategieswith holding as long as possible). Other exercises that work out back musclesand that are good for fat elimination in that area are rear delt fly and backextension.


Dieting is always welcomed, but only if it is healthy and balanced.Since exercising is included, the intake of protein should be increased with carbsamount reduced, although the reduction must not be severe, because carbohydratesare needed as energy sources (energy comes from glucose). Also, vitamins andminerals must be taken in required amounts, because exercising depletes easilythose nutrients, too. This is also essential for maintaining the properelectrolyte balance.

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