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Rehabilitation is something that should follow every surgery procedure, and after the carpal tunnel surgery, this part is more than important in order for the hand to function properly again. The condition which is the reason for the operation is usually of such nature that the patient’s ability to move the hand, as well as the strength in that hand, are affected in a negative way. More precisely, this means that the person who suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome probably has restricted range of motions of the hand in question, which results in the decrease of the strength in that hand.

This happens because the nerve and tendons that play a significant role in the movement of the fingers are located in the affected area and thus, they are also exposed to the pressure over a longer period of time. In order to be able to use the hand normally after the surgery, the person in question will go through the rehabilitation process, which will primarily consist of the set of exercises.

Exercises that are incorporated in the rehabilitation after carpal tunnel surgery

Fist exercises are nothing else than making various fist formations by moving the fingers gently. Hook fist, straight fist or full fist are some of the suggestions, and the combination of these is a very good choice. Thumb flexion consists of simply extending the thumb to the outside, and then moving it across the palm in order to at least try to touch the little finger. Finger abduction is usually performed with the purpose of reducing the swelling in the fingers. It is a very simple exercises and it consists of opening the fingers as wide as it is possible, and closing them back. It helps the tendons to stretch as well, which is also useful. All of these exercises can be done from 10 to 12 times, but the person should stop as soon as the pain appears. Forearm extensor is an exercise that helps the forearm and back of the wrist to stretch. The arm needs to be extended in front and the hand needs to be left to hang down, while the palms are faced down. The back of the hand should be grabbed then and pushed further in order to feel that the back of the wrist stretches. It is enough to keep this position for 30 seconds. Forearm flexor and wrist curls are other exercises that are also recommended, as well as tapping.

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