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There is a lot of things people are not aware of until it is actually too late. Exercising might prevent a lot of problems, but if engaging in physical activity is not regular and effective, there are some medical problems that might occur. Also, even if a person is physically active, there is a chance of becoming injured, especially if exercising is not done properly.

The plan

Workout session must always begin with stretching and warming up, which is essential in order to avoid any kind of injury, strain, spasm, tearing etc. Only after 10, 15 minutes of stretching and warming up, exercising can begin. Also, this should not be applied only in a training session. Actually, whenever some physical activity should be performed (lifting furniture, for example), some short stretch forms should be applied. Unfortunately, many people do not follow this simple rule and back injury occurs. Usually, this injury is actually a pinched nerve in the spine by neighboring vertebrae. Inflammation occurs soon enough and that spreads throughout the entire surrounding area. This also means that pain also goes along, but what is a reason more for concern is the fact that it can spread throughout both legs, all the way to the feet.

The remedy

These situations definitely require seeing a doctor, because the severity of the injury has to be established first. There are situations when something that does not seem dangerous actually can turn into a very serious thing. That is why sometimes X-rays are needed to analyze the injury in details. The usual therapy includes physical therapy, massage therapy, light physical activity, even painkillers, if pain is not easily bearable.

When it comes to exercising, it has to be said there are some other things that can be applied rather than common physical activity. For example, inversion tables for back pain alleviation might be used. This is a table similar to a regular one, with a little twist. It can be rotated into a vertical position thanks to mechanism positioned at the middle of the table. This means that if a person is laying on the table with legs strapped, he or she will be in inverse vertical position once the table is up, with feet up and head down. The angle must not necessarily be set at 90 degrees from the floor, it can be 80, maybe even 75%, since that should also be enough. This position is excellent for backbone stretching and for increasing flexibility of the entire body. This might be enough for eliminating the problem of back pain, but if not, it will certainly help with elimination of this problem. If a person is able, there are some exercises that can be done in that position, such as inverse crunches and sit ups for strengthening the entire core. These forms should be applied, but only if that will not increase the back pain.

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