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Upside-down against Back Problems

Inversion therapy is quite a creative therapeutic approach towards treating one's back and spine problems. Namely, it involves turning a person upside-down so that his/her back gets straightened and stretched, providing relief from pain and discomfort this person may be experiencing. Before this is possible, an adequate examination needs to be performed. If the patient fulfills all the necessary requirements, he/she sits in a specially designed inversion chair, only to be turned upside-down when the treatment engaged. There are many benefits to this strange healing method and many people have managed to get completely well after a series of successful therapy sessions. Since, during the day we place pressure on our back and bones by sitting and lying down, handing and stretching our spine and the rest of our body provides a relief from this stress, acting as a cure.

Benefits of Inversion Therapy

The first area of our body which is bound to benefit from the inversion therapy is our back and neck. Namely, as it was mentioned above, we place serious pressure on these parts of our body during our everyday activities. Therefore, inversion therapy provides the opposite for these body parts of ours, letting them relax and recuperate. You can do this at home since 20 degrees of inversion will be more than enough for this treatment.

Next, comes our spine, and the discs it consists of. Basically, these discs have a special jelly-like fluid which helps them absorb shocks of our daily activities without hurting our bones. Through the inversion therapy, our spine is able to regroup this substance since it can get squeezed out in time. However, if you desire to achieve this effect, at least 60 degrees of inversion is needed.

Once upside-down, you may perform certain exercises like crunches or sit ups, strengthening your heart and bettering your blood circulation. This is bound to reflect on your overall health and well being positively.

People who are into sports tend to get injured often since they use certain body parts constantly and expose them to severe force and shock. Inversion therapy helps them realign their skeletal system and put all the bones, joints and other body parts in their place once again. Moreover, while in an inverse position, your blood gets to the heart more easily. Therefore, your circulation cleans your muscles better and all the harmful lactic acid is removed form these parts of your body. Also, stretching your ligaments is quite beneficial for their health and overall performance. Finally, the very relaxation of this process is a reason enough to undergo it. All parts of your body will relax and be in harmony after the therapy. This can only be good since you will feel reborn and ready for whatever life has in store tomorrow, positive and relieved of stress.

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