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Babies and alcohol don t mix, but what about when a couple is trying to conceive? In this article we are going to have a look at whether it's ok to drink alcohol if you're trying to conceive. Studies and statistics shows that alcohol has had an adverse effect on female fertility: alcohol consumption causes hormonal imbalances.

Hormonal imbalance interferes with regularities in menstrual cycles, influences ovulation and consequently causes difficulties when woman is trying to get pregnant. In cases of extreme alcohol consumption or when observing alcoholism, alcohol can cause:

Total absence of periods Irregular periods Total absence of ovulation (woman has menstruation, but no ovulation) Miscarriage in first trimester

Even in cases of moderate drinking, for example less than 5 units per week, women have problems conceiving and statistically reduce their chances of conceiving for as much as 50%. In addition, studies show that alcohol has the most negative effect on females that are over 30 years old that additionally have a slightly decreased chances of conceiving comparing to group that is younger than 30 years. Alcohol does affect female fertility, but men aren t safe either.

Studies suggest that the sperm of regular alcohol drinkers has lower quality, mobility and quantity comparing to the group of non-drinkers. Additionally when person, either male or female consumes alcohol, the absorption of zinc is reduced which is in connection with decreased ability of healthy conception. In conclusion, if you are trying to conceive, and if you have been wondering whether it is ok to indulge in a tipple or two, better skip it. It is probable that one or two won t hurt, but the three of four, well the odds of having problems with conception grow with every drink you have.

I am not saying you should abstain completely, but you should definitely limit drinking to maximum two drinks per week. If you drink only socially, try low alcohol beers, or mix wine with water. However, if you find you are having problems cutting down alcohol, you should definitely talk to someone and address this problem more in details.

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