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Femara also known as letrozole, is a drug commonly used to help infertile couples conceive. Fertility drugs like Femara, are first line of treatment for couples experiencing infertility issues, and can either induce ovulation or increase the chances of conception, for a female already ovulating on a regular schedule. The use of fertility medications have been very successful and allowed many childless couples experience the joy of parenthood. Though the medication has not been exclusive approved for use in treating infertility and the fact letrozole (femara) has side effects , there are many couples that have had success at conceiving. Because Femara is used in the treatment of female breast cancer, there are no identified doses when noted for use as a fertility drug. Three dose regimens have been previously tested; 2.5 mg, 5 mg, and 7.5 mg. The usual length of duration for using the drug is approximately five days, but as a fertility medication more studies are required to determine the maximum benefits to be had.

Some early study information highlighted that a woman using Femara has a better chance of becoming pregnant than one using a gonadotropin medication, however it is not the same currently and more information is needed. It has also been discovered through careful research that the drug when used in older patients does not work as well, as in younger women. Treating infertility with Femara can still be much more successful even in the event that others have not. There are certain Femara treatment protocols which a woman will be expected to adhere too, which includes the following:

Contact the physician s office on the 1st day of the menstrual cycle Day 2 or 3, a woman will need to go into the doctor s office and undergo an ultrasound On days 5,6,7,8, and 9 the woman will take a 2.5 Femara tablet Have intercourse during these days Contact the doctor s office if a menstrual cycle is late or if a home pregnancy test yields a positive result

With the statistical information present about Femara when used as a fertility drug, there is hope for many couples wanting to conceive. After undergoing routine medical testing and a battery of fertility tests, a physician may discuss Femara for couples that have tried other methods and thus far have not been able to get pregnant.

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