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A vast number of people nowadays consume alcohol. Some consume it on special occasions while others consume it more often. The modern lifestyle makes some people drink more often than they would like to. Whatever the reason, people need to know that alcohol has some bad effects on the health of the individual. For instance, both male’s and female’s fertility is heavily affected with alcohol consumption. There are still no strong proofs on the amount of damage alcohol have on fertility but damage is present. Not even one doctor can deny that alcohol affects fertility.

Effects of alcohol on women’s fertility

Even before people realized alcohol affects fertility, doctors have established that alcohol causes certain serious diseases with women who consume it in excessive amounts. Some of the most common diseases that women might end up suffering from are liver disease, breast cancer, heart disease and depression. In addition to these diseases, women who consume alcohol now face the danger of infertility. Women need to understand that not only those who drink a lot can be affected with this disease but those who drink moderately as well. No one still knows just how much drinking women can do in order not end up suffering from infertility.Women who drink risk having their children born with a certain syndrome called Fetal Alcoholic Syndrome. A child with this syndrome will have his or her characteristics of deficient growth, mental retardation, the usual heart shaped facial appearance and behavioral changes. Brain anomalies and congenial heart defects are also possible. The main reason for this is alcohol consumption either before or during pregnancy.

Drinking alcohol can cause several kinds of infertility threats. The risk of spontaneous abortion or impaired fetal growth and development is higher because of alcohol consumption. A woman also has a lesser chance of conception when drinking alcohol. Ovulary dysfunctions are also a possible threat for women who consume alcohol. These are not all the reasons why women should avoid drinking alcohol.

Effects of alcohol on male fertility

Men who consume alcohol risk having their sperms being abnormally shaped and that can lead to impotency. Sperm development is also heavily influenced when there are high levels of estrogen and the liver is functioning abnormally. Sperm-generating cells are destroyed by alcohol. Hormone levels in men are also affected with alcohol consumption. However, men need to know that they can reverse these effects by abstinence. It takes three months for sperm to develop.

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