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Stop smoking

Do a favor to yourself, your partner and your baby: I am not talking just about the lungs or the money you spent on cigarettes or the fact there you can't hide the cigarette smell from your hair and skin. Cigarettes lower your possibility of getting pregnant by increasing the mucus around your cervix, and this is the main reason for decreased fertility.

Weight and trying to conceive

Yes, this is true: if you are super (model) skinny or if you are even slightly overweight (not to mention obese) your chances of healthy conception dramatically decrease. In fact, several studies suggest that there is a connection between being overweight/underweight and fertility and this connection is expressed in U curve: if your body mass index is normal (18-24), you shouldn't have any problems with fertility (looking from the perspective of weight), while if your BMI is under 18 or above 25, your chances of healthy conception decrease dramatically.

Alcohol and babies don't mix

First of all, if you regularly drink alcohol, your body s ability to absorb mineral zinc is lowered. Zinc is the fertility mineral, didn't you know? Yep, zinc increases sperm count and helps the body use estrogen and progesterone more efficiently. Besides, many studies have proved that alcohol has a negative effect on both female and male fertility. In women, alcohol disrupts menstrual cycles and may even cause miscarriage, and in men alcohol influences sperm count, mobility and sperm quality.

Cut coffee and caffeine products

As little as one cup of coffee decreases your chances of healthy conception for as much as half. All products that contain caffeine have the same effect on woman s body. Therefore you must pay special attention to foods that contain hidden caffeine.

Having Sex on "Ovulation Days" Only

I am very sure you've heard that women ovulate on day 14 of their cycle, but hey this is not true. Every woman is unique and day 14 is the most fertile day for women who have 28 day menstrual cycle. Does your menstrual cycle have 28 days? Most women do not have perfect menstrual cycle and even those who do, do not ovulate at exactly the same time each month. My point is, have sex more often, enjoy it, have fun and don t think about trying to conceive. Don't think at all: just make love.

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