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If you, or in case you are a woman, your male partner, are having problems with fertility and are experiencing difficulties while trying to conceive, ask yourself, if you are a cola drinker, because cola may be responsible for male infertility. Yes, according to new research cola does not only cause weight gain, higher blood sugar and cellulite, but is also responsible for male infertility factor.

Cola, and especially coca cola has been one the most popular commercial drinks, but it is according to new study also linked to male infertility, of course, if its consumption is excessive. The study was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, and the research's findings were based on the results that males who drink more than one quart of cola on regular basis, meaning every day, pose a great threat to the their fertility and risk becoming infertile. Two groups of males were compared: one group that didn't drink cola at all, and one group that was drinking one quart of cola every day. The group of men that consumed cola every day was reported to have about 30% lower sperm count. Consequently, this group is reported to be more prone to fertility problems.

However, previous studies show that the soft drinks with high caffeine content may not be responsible for the effect, because these studies failed to prove the connection. Nevertheless, this study suggests an association between heavy coffee drinkers and a decline in sperm quality. Additionally, this study suggests that the lifestyle of men who drink too much cola is the main factor contributing to lower sperm count and association with infertility. Cola is not the only drink or food that is high in caffeine. Since caffeine is the only drug that is present naturally or can be also added to widely consumed foods, following are the foods that contain caffeine. Coffees, teas, soft drinks, energy drinks, frozen desserts, chocolates, candies and some other sweets, and some over-the-counter drugs.

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