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For a couple struggling with fertility issues, trying anything possible does not seem to farfetched if it gives them the baby so much desired. There are some couples that are willing to go through many different things in order to conceive a baby and each parent's journey is unique unto them. However, aside from fertility assistance, there are things a couple can do to incorporate natural fertility boosters into their life and improve the odds of conception.

One natural thing a man and woman can do to increase fertility is to limit caffeine consumption. For women and men undergoing in-vitro fertilization, caffeine should be limited to less than 50 mg daily, or eliminated entirely. It is also a known fact that an overweight woman can have a harder time conceiving, so experts recommend a woman loses weight before trying to become pregnant. As much as being overweight impacts a woman's fertility, being underweight can also affect it as well. A woman with a body mass index lower than an 18.5 is considered to be underweight, which can affect ovulation and cause menstruation to cease. Incorporating a healthy diet and working with a nutritionist is the best and safest way in which a woman can increase both body weight and fertility.

Regular exercise and stress alleviation also play an important part in fertility and can improve the odds of a healthy conception for a couple. Walking can reduce the risk of heart disease, hypertension and other health complications which can impair fertility, a woman needs to talk to her physician prior to beginning any type of exercise routine and to ensure it is safe. Another benefit of regular exercise and stress control is the release of endorphins, the feel good hormones which can lead to a decrease in depression which can be hindering fertility. One of the most important choices that can be made to improve fertility in both men and women is to quit smoking. Not only does quitting help improve the health of the parents-to-be, but once a woman does manage to conceive she can enjoy a healthier, smoke-free pregnancy and not experience any of the negative health risks to her developing infant. Limiting alcohol consumption is another thing that has a direct impact on fertility and while it is okay to consume alcohol in moderation, it is best to not over indulge.

Following a healthy diet, include zinc rich foods, not smoking, maintaining a healthy body weight, including herbs that boost fertility, avoiding alcohol and caffeine are all important parts of natural fertility boosters. When considering everything and making the necessary lifestyle adjustments and changes, most couples can happily conceive the baby they have always dreamed of and welcome the joys of parenthood into their life.

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