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A sore throat is usually not a cause of great concern. It can be a symptom of a common cold or flu, or simply an irritation by dry air, smoking and other factors. However, if the sore throat persists over several days, if it is accompanied by an unusually high fever, joint pain, lump in neck, difficulty breathing or swallowing, it is best to see a medical professional.

If not, there are several different at-home treatments that can successfully relieve sore throat.


Gargling is a great way to cure sore throat. It can be done with several different liquids. For example, with saline solution. Salt disinfects the throat and fights bacteria. More importantly, it changes the acidity in throat so it is no more a suitable environment for bacteria. A saline solution can be made with half a spoon of salt, preferably sea salt, dissolved in one cup of warm water. This solution should be used for gargling every few hours.

Another mixture for gargling is Aspirin solution. It is made by dissolving four Aspirins in one cup of warm water.

Apple cider vinegar is also very effective if used for gargling. It has to be mixed with some water, otherwise it’s sourness may irritate the throat.

Sage is a natural disinfectant and has antibacterial properties. It is recommended to gargle with sage infusion several times a day.

One clove of garlic boiled in one cup of water and left to cool down a bit also makes a good gargle liquid, because gargle has antibiotic and antiseptic properties.

Gargling with Listerine may also help.

Other remedies

Herbal teas made of licorice, slippery elm, and wild cherry are very effective against sore throat.

Zinc lozenges can also be used for sore throat. They can be found at any drug store and are sold over-the-counter.

Vitamin C is the most important vitamin against sore throat and other symptoms of cold and flu, because it boosts the immune system so the body can fight the infection.

One particularly effective remedy can be made by sweating one finely chopped onion in a saucepan with some water, until it is soft, and adding one cup of honey and one cup of lemon juice. The mixture should be strained and the syrup is used several times a day. In this remedy, the beneficial effects of honey, lemon and onions work together in synergy and help relieve sore throat and other symptoms of cold.

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