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Acne is a very common and universal problem and many families have their own ways and remedies for this problem, which are passed from one generation to another. These blemishes can be a real annoyance but some of these remedies can be very useful and efficient. However, finding the right solution for your specific problem is another problem, since every person’s skin is different and thus, every skin will react in a different manner. You have to try out several remedies before you find the one that will help you with your problems, but this should not be hard since scrubs, masks and creams made at home are not that expensive. When you are making or using acne treatment prepared at home, you cannot make it in great amounts since it can spoil, especially if fruits and vegetables are used as ingredients. Also, you can only use fresh ingredients for the remedy.

Oily Skin

When you are using products such as drying and absorbing agents, you have to be careful not to exceed with application, because if you overuse them, you will be at risk of irritation, flaky or dry skin patches. Oily skin can benefit from a home remedy made in this way. You take one egg and you beat it until it becomes stiff and then put one or two witch hazel drops, or two drops of fresh lemon juice. The remedy needs to be placed on the skin for one or two minutes and rinsed with warm water after this period, before it hardens. The treatment ends with a cool rinse. Another great remedy is oatmeal, which will free pores from oil. Just make a paste by placing some oatmeal in boiling water. Wait until it cools down, add some water and put on the skin. Just five minutes will make your skin exfoliated and dry free. Remember to rinse the oatmeal.

You can make another good remedy for the oily skin with tomato. Just slice it in half, take the paper and put on the tomato so that the excess moist can be removed and then place it one the skin for 5-10 minutes. You can also use mashed tomato in the same manner, which you need to rinse with warm water at the end. Mashed strawberries can also be used as a mask, which needs to be left on the face for 5-10 minutes.

Dry Skin

Drying agents cannot be used by those who are having issues with blemishes and dry skin. They have to moist their skin and this can be done with several remedies. Some of them are avocado and banana mash, which need to be applied for several minutes and then rinsed off. Also, oatmeal we have described earlier in the text can also be used. Remember to use cold mask and warm water for rinsing and never scrub the mask off. Instead, just gently rinse it off. Redness can be decreased if you put some honey and Band-Aid over it during the nights.

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