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Staphylococcus aureus isthe name for the bacteria which is the culprit for the production of boils on ourbody. They produce dust and dirt when they get inside the skin. Boils can bedeveloped in the neck area, when they are very tender and soft, and in the facearea below the hair line, which is the most common area for their development.The bacteria guilty for the condition, can be found in every man’s body. Theycan be present because they are created after birth, or if the colonies ofbacterium are present in the gens. These people usually have constant problemswith boils, which always come back. One of the important parts of the process ofthe diagnosis and treatment is the bacterial culture, which determines which bacteriumis responsible for boils creation. After several tests are performed, thediagnosis is made and the type of antibiotics that can be used, will then be chosen. Thedanger of boils reoccurring is very possible. Even if you are consumingantibiotics, the condition can be transferred to other people, so try tomaintain proper hygiene.


The most popular area forthe creation of boils is groins, face, neck, buttock and armpits. The mostdiscomforting and painful are the ones created on the neck. Fever and veryserious pain are possible. This kind has a form of acne, but very complexform. Some of the symptoms experienced includes the creation of tiny redarea which grows over time, then it swells and grows into lump with whitecenter. Then the head will be visible, and pus will come out from it. When theblood and pus are removed, the boil will disappear. Try not to squeeze theboils, since scaring can happen. If you want to treat the boils, you do notneed to wait for the body to eliminate the boils naturally. The body has thestrength to do this, but the process can be quicker if some antibiotics areused. Cream wit tetracycline can be used as well. Diet is also important forthe treatment. Eat only healthy food and eliminate fat and junk food from yourdiet. This will make the immune system strong, and make the battle against theboils more successful and effective. Try to avoid direct exposure to the sun,because it can make the treatment longer and unproductive. Home remedies whichcan be used include neem bark, castor seeds, avoid sour food, consume melons,and perform exercises regularly, massages and sponge baths.

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