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Sore throat is a problem that can affect both children andadults and one of the most common causes of both problems is the bacterialinfection. There are several more serious problems, like tonsillitis or earinfection, which can arise if the problem is left untreated. The bacterialinfection will lead to the throat inflammation and eventually to sore throat. Throat infection is usually treated with the help from antibiotics but it canalso be eliminated without intervention. The streptococcus is the name of thebacterium responsible for the creation of the problem in question. Throat bacterial infection can bedetected by the sudden burst of fever. If the throat infection is nottreated, there are chances of developing a tonsils infection, which can bedetected by red and swollen tonsils. This problem can be developed by the samebacteria. Additional symptoms include headache, fever, swallowing problems andpainful throat. The throat can become like this due to several other reasonslike smoking, allergy and breathing of the polluted air. There are manypotential problems if throat infections are not treated, so do not give yourselfa luxury of not treating it. Clindamycin, clarithromycin, azithromycin, penicillinand amoxicillin are some of the most used antibiotics for treating throatbacterial infection. Injections of these antibiotics can be used as well, andthey will reduce the symptoms efficiently.

How dangerous are Bacterial Throat Infections?

The bacterial infections are less common than viral ones, but they are farless dangerous than the viral infections. There are possibilities ofserious bacterial infections, so if you detect certain symptoms, see a doctor.Such symptoms are rash located on the scrotum, swallowing problems even whendrinking water, breathing problems, pus present in the mouth and white patchesplaced on the throat. The name strep throat is associated with the dangerouskind of bacterial infection and it is developed due to group A streptococcus bacteria.Adults need to be more careful and treat this problem since they can developmore serious consequences. This is a problem that rarely strikes children since their throat infection go away on their own. Children who are sufferingfrom more serious infection need to take acetaminophen, which will reduce thebody temperature and treat throat infection. A child can return to the normal activitieswhen the body temperature returns to normal. And remember to always end thecourse of medicine since the problem may return if you don't.


We cannot prevent every possible infection, but with a proper hygiene and dietwe can reduce the risks. We have to lead a healthy life and have a healthy andstrong body, which can fight with the illnesses and infections. We can do thisby eating foods that have high levels of minerals and vitamins and othernutrients, which will make our immune system strong. Also, wash spoons, forks,knives and plates properly in order to eliminate the spreading of theinfection. Remember to have your own toothbrush and do not be alarmed if yourchild is suffering from a throat infection. Children suffer commonly from thisproblem during winter times and a visit to the doctor's office will eliminatethe problems efficiently.

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