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Neck strain is rather unpleasant and impedes in daily activities. One has to deal with pain and abnormal position of the body. However there are several methods and even medications are optional in treatment of this bothersome condition.

A massage is excellent way of reducing spasms. One should visit a professional masseur or even engage a friend who will then by simple movements across the strained muscles help with the pain. A combination of circular movements and pressure onto the affected spot will be beneficial. Today a variety of massage devices are available and these can be used on places which are out of reach if a person tries to perform a massage himself/ herself. This option can be done at any time of the day and it does not have to last long. Only few minutes can lead to pain relief.

Cold compresses pressed onto the strained area may be beneficial. The pain vanishes immediately.

In case of severe pain over-the-counter medications can be taken. Nevertheless this is only temporary solution with no long-term results. The pain will disappear for a short period and eventually occur again. Medications include gels and creams which are applied onto the skin of the strain area. These helps locally without any systemic side effects.

Poor posture and forced position which is common for people who spend a lot of time in front of computers or are working at desks can eventually result in pain and neck strain. These people need to take care of the posture. This can be done properly if regular exercises are conducted. Pilates or even simple gymnastics are options. Swimming is known to be best for pain in the neck and other parts of the spine. Regular exercise makes the muscles stronger and consequently the posture improves.

Different muscles of the neck can be strained. Stiff Levator Scapula makes it hard for person to turn the head and neck while strained Rhomboid muscle leads to irritating pain. The strain of Sternocleidomastoid muscle can be treated with appropriate form of pillow support. This can be used if any other muscle is strained or stiff. The strain of Trapezius muscle can be treated with strengthening exercises. The posterior neck muscles which are not developed in most of the people lead to strong pain in the neck. If strained they can be treated with massage accompanied with the exercises. In rare cases neck traction is conducted.

The most important thing is to continue with any kind of treatment for suggested period of time in order for muscle to recover completely.

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