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Neck cancer and the problems this condition produces will be the themes of this text. The problems created by this condition depend mostly on the affected location. Speaking of the most common neck cancer problems a patient can have, the first one that should be mentioned is the sore throat. Other problems may include lip or mouth numbness, ear pain (or ringing sound), ulcer or a lump (which very slowly heals), throat or mouth bleeding, problems with breathing (breathing which produces a different sound), voice hoarseness, face or jaw pain, problems with smell, blocked nose, problems with chewing or swallowing, loss of weight, speech problems and patches on the tongue or mouth, either red or white, with no pain creation. These are some of the most common symptoms but there are other symptoms which are not considered to be common. The first we will mention is related to the problems in nasal cavity. Problems include nose bleeding, eye swelling or similar eye problem, teeth pain, headaches and denture troubles. These problems are created because they are not cleared since they become blocked. And when the antibiotics do not help with the chronic sinus infection, the mentioned problems occur.


Next on the list are salivary glands. Neck, chin and face pain, chin or jawbone swelling, and face muscle numbness are the most common problems connected with salivary glands and lymph nodes. The neck cancer causes the growth of these nodes and glands. The ear pain can also be experienced, usually in the tonsils and back of the throat though larynx can also be affected. We have mentioned hoarseness as one of the symptoms. Larynx boxes, which can be found in the front of the neck help us to talk, so when the cancer is created in this area, the voice is affected. When this cancer is created, patient will experience emotion of breathlessness lump located on the neck or throat, and the pain experienced while swallowing. Oral cavity can be affected by neck cancer, and when this happens, mouth bleeding or pain is felt, patches on the gums or tongue and swelled jaw can occur. Next, nasopharynx can produce problem with headaches, ear pain, speaking or breathing problems, pain felt in the ear while swallowing. These problems can mean that a tumor or infection is present. There is a possibility that constant pain will be felt in the throat or neck usually if a neck cancer called metastatic squamous is created in the body.

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