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Boils are a common ailment that can happen to anyone. They are not a major health concern but it is still better to treat them early on. There are some easy home remedies that can provide great relief and heal boils quickly.

What are boils

Boils are common skin infections that are similar to blisters, but they affect the deeper layers of the skin. They are also called skin abscesses. In the first stage, the area where the boil will appear turns red and swollen and after a few days it hardens. The body reacts to this bacterial infection by employing white blood cells, which form puss under the skin. At this stage the boil becomes soft and painful to touch, it is raised from the surrounding skin and with a distinct head at the top.

Boils can form on any part of the body and usually last anywhere from five to ten days. They are often caused by an ingrown hair, foreign particles stuck in the skin or plugged, sweat or oil ducts, after which bacteria sets in and causes an infection. Even though they seem quite harmless, boils should still be treated in order to prevent complications.

Home treatment for boils

Unless it is done by a doctor or a medical professional, boils should never be pierced, punctured, cut or squeezed. They can be treated with prescription medications, like antibiotic ointments. In mild or moderate cases and for those who want to avoid possible side effects of antibiotics, there are some very efficient home remedies.

One of the best remedies is turmeric taken internally. This popular spice or condiment has antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and it is very helpful against skin boils. One teaspoon of turmeric mixed in a large glass of lukewarm water should be taken two or three times a day, until the boils are cured. The only downside of this remedy is that it may cause constipation.

Garlic and onions both have amazing antibacterial properties and when combined, can be a great remedy for boils. It is best to mix half a teaspoon each of garlic and onion juice and to apply it directly to the boil several times a day. This will cause the boil to ripen and to rupture quickly.

Fresh bitter gourd, drank each day on an empty stomach, is another efficient way to get rid of boils.

Soaking in warm water can also be very helpful, as it reduces the pain and speeds up the draining of the puss from the boil.

As in any ailment, disease and disorder, diet is a very important part of the boil treatment. It should consist of fresh, nutritious foods, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The patient should avoid processed foods, sugars and saturated fats.

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